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My Tax Problems Solved

Our Vision & Mission

Mission: To help tax payers find a resolution for their tax debt that provides them with a clear path to financial health. Tax payers deserved a fresh start when they find themselves without options during difficult financial times. 

Vision: My Tax Problems Solved is a vibrant client-center accounting firm that provides Tax Payers with the knowledge about their options so they are in a position to make the best choice for them. No two tax payers are the same, the combination of their tax situation and personal lives is always different so the best resolution for them will not always be the same. But you should have the tools and the information to be able to select the one that will be most beneficial to you and your family.

Our Believes and Principles


The world is always changing, and we believe continuous development is key to serving our team and customers. 


Together, we can make a greater impact. We work alongside you to establish your needs and do everything in our power to exceed your expectations. 


We keep things honest, fair and straight-forward. No hidden fees and no additional charges for our regular meetings. 

Speed and Responsiveness

Speed is of the essence when a financial emergency hit. Our team prioritizes speed to ensure customers have everything needed to be successful. We are responsive to every request and always do our best to get back to you sooner than expected.  

My Tax Problems Solved helps taxpayers by finding the best solution to their tax problems so that they can have control over their financial life with a great client experience. 

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