Five Most Common Taxation Challenges and the Simplest Solutions to Way Them Out

Dec 02, 2022

“Today, it takes more brains and effort to make out the income-tax form than it does to make the income.”

Alfred E. Neuman

1-  General Behaviors

One of the most dominating challenges faced by the country or by its citizen is to comprehend the phenomenon of taxation. General humane behavior reveals the fact, that people don’t take it as a national responsibility but rather as a fear of being caught. The huge tax code is full of complicated rules which are far beyond the consideration of a common man, moreover, benefits a certain group of taxpayers while inevitably shifting more of the burden to others.


2-  Correspondence with the IRS

As defined already a majority of the people don’t understand the concept of taxation and its rules and regulation, and they are less likely to respond to queries or requests asked by the IRS.

The agency notices a discrepancy on any tax return and asks for a balance due, in both cases, understanding of the message and on-time right correspondence to the issue shall be followed. People usually find it an extremely nerve-wracking experience to reply to the audit instructions as they have little or no awareness of how to respond satisfactorily.


3-  Lack of awareness about the leverage

Another restraining factor in the process of smooth taxation policy is the unawareness of the easy methods and the return benefits an individual, a firm, or an institute can avail. Lack of information about the previous year's unfiled tax returns, unavailability of experienced professionals who can communicate with the IRS to draw out a reasonable Compromise offer, and unsettlement of installment plans can be a major hindrance in the process of the tax collection and the payment.


4-  Collection, Tractability, and Monitoring

People are usually cautious to share all of their financial activities, therefore, most of their spending is not documented, and another great hurdle is the collection of essential documents that are needed for the audit. Missing or non-provided last year’s tax return documents, essential documents demanded by the IRS, or any other misinformation or unrevealed necessary details can make you suspicious and lead to penalties, more strict audits, and delay in funds.


5-  Conventional approach

Another confronting issue in the process of smooth tax collection is not staying updated about the latest tax-paying trends and policies. Keeping up with the tax code changes is not an easy practice. It happens that a taxpayer who was eligible for substantial tax credits a few years ago is not fit for the ongoing year. People rely on conventional methods and policies that create an image of deception.


And now come to the solution to fix these issues:


 1-  Evolving a sense of responsibility

The first and foremost thing needed to treat with general physiological behavior of the taxpayers is to develop a sense of responsibility, and not fear, citizens should be guided well about the endless benefits they enjoy after submitting the records of their assets to the government. It’s not about fear, it’s about giving your share for the prosperity and well-being of all of your state. So, more reassurance should be given by the IRS to the agencies encouraging taxpayers to pay their taxes.


2-  Establishment of ways for easy communication

Thanks to the tax issues troubleshooter agencies, no more concerns about how and who should communicate with the IRS to negotiate a proper taxation policy.

Firms, like, My Tax Problem Solved, have emerged with experts who are capable enough to represent your case and find the best possible resolution in a professional way.

3-  Get to the tax-professionals

You cannot master the voluminous code of taxation to resolve your tax-related mysteries. The best solution to overcome all these issues is to find a certified tax consulting firm. A firm with expert tax professionals can preset everything that goes directly in your favor.


4-  Consider all the Payment Options for which you qualify

There are plenty of options available from the IRS to the taxpayers to fulfill their tax liability. A tax professional can talk with the IRS on your behalf to pay the tax liability over an extended timeframe as a monthly installment agreement (IA), or a partial payment installment agreement (PPIA), or even compromise your debt for a lower amount of what is owed, as long as you qualify following the IRS standards of living expenses. 


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